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O what a night!

18th October 2010

One of the overlanding groups who cater for a younger clientele put on a disco. Unfortunately, their musical repertoir was rather limited. I heard „Oh, baby, do you wanna be my girl?“ at least twi e.

As soon as I remarked that I remembered that song from my youth, it hit me that once upon a time my parents and aunt would have said exactly the same thing to me when I was bobbing up and down excitedly to the remake of an old song.

Looks like I am officially part of the older generation, regardless of how hard I may try to preserve a childlike spirit...

The music stopped at around 10, only to be replaced by the sound of someone vomittingf near our tent.

For the first time I put my earplugs in. I had so far avoided those, so that I would be warned of an impending moscito attack...

I could not sleep and finsihed the German novel by the light of a windup torch. The light was almost too bright for the first page or two, only to dim very quickly afterwards. So time for another windup. And so it went on for an hour or two. Read a few pages – windup torch for 1-2 minutes – read a few pages – wind up torch... Reading had suddenly become a longwinded business.

I reached the end of the novel (totally crazy story and too crazy to happen on our trip!), but not the end of my insomnia.

A walk to the loo always breaks the outine of staring into space. So I search for the windup torch, briefly switch the light on to find the zip to unzip the tent flap, switch the light off, slip throigh the opening, quickly zip up behind me and walk up to the ablution blcok on the lookout for obstacles (I don't want to fall into the swimming pool!) and listening out for the sprinklers. Where have they been placed tonight?

There are plenty of bugs that have been attracted by the light in the bathroom. Like in a video game, it's important to simply focus on enemy number 1 – like that big mosquito over there by the toilet door.

Oh, no, it has spotted my green toiletry bag. I shold have remmebered that greeen is not only easy to find for me in the semi-dark of a tent, but is also a prime target for my enemy...

Ok, it's buzzing off again. Let's make a quick dash for the exit...

I confess that my cowardice probably cost a harmless insect its life. I had been watching it during my last 2 lavatory visits, lying on its back and desperately trying to turn back on its feet. I had just been contemplating how I could rescue it when the mosquito drew my attention. Any thought of bug saving went out of the window...

The tent is stuffy when I finally return, and I hunt in vain for the citronella room freshner I have created out of citronella oil and water. (I should be used by now to the fact that I shall never find what I am looking for when I am looking for it!)

What I do find is the pure citronella oil, which I sprinkle generously. Too generously. The smell bites in my nose and makes me cough. Now I am even wider awake.

Counting sheep has never worked for me, so I try to figure out instead how you are supposed to fit 4 people into our tent. I can see that there is room for 3, but only without the luggage that currently hems us in on every side. So where would we stick the 4th person? Maybe we could create a bunk bed, as the ceiling is pretty high....

As soon as my silly (I mean creative) thoughts help me drift off to sleep, it's already time to get up for another eary morning activity.

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